The Strategy, Tools and Guidance You Need to Build a Profitable Affiliate Business

The Review Website Masterclass

Product Review websites help the ever-growing base of online consumers make buying decisions about everyday products.

Review websites earn affiliate commission income from retailers like Amazon, Walmart and product manufacturers.

The affiliate business model is the best path to online success for anyone new to online business.  The affiliate model avoids product creation, customer service, a sales process and much of the complexity of other business models.

The Review Website Masterclass goes well beyond education. It is a package of courses and tools, as well as a community of fellow entrepreneurs designed to make your affiliate business a success.

Masterclass Objectives

The masterclass has one central objective which is to enable you to build a profitable online business.

You will:

  • Learn how to select a profitable niche
  • Follow a process for creating a website with content that attracts free traffic
  • Create content that guides visitors to make purchases
  • Develop a business that has current cashflow AND becomes a saleable asset
  • Understand how to optimize the performance of website pages to get more traffic and convert more visitors to buyers
  • Outsource the content development to freelancers to speed the growth of the business

Who Is This For?

Entrepreneurs who have a long-term outlook and the drive to build their own business will benefit the most from the Review Website Masterclass. 

Time Available: This masterclass is for entrepreneurs who are willing to put in the effort to build an online business from the ground up. Starting any business from scratch requires time and tenacity. If you have limited time you should consider purchasing an online business instead.

Any Location: You can operate a product review business from any country.

Operators: Although tasks can be outsourced, you will need to learn the details of the system and should plan to be highly engaged in the business. As it matures you can delegate more and more components.

Business Builder Outlook: Building an affiliate business requires a medium to long-term outlook. You will learn techniques to accelerate and scale business growth but you’ll need to be willing to wait for traffic and income.

What Results Can I Expect?

As in every business endeavor you may lose all the time and money you invest in an affiliate business due to events inside or outside of your control.

Our affiliate websites have achieved asset values between 2 and 5 times the amount invested in content at the 1.5 year mark, using the tools and methods taught in this masterclass.

Investment Required

Websites vary dramatically in size and cost. With a target of 200 articles per site, at a cost of $50 per article, your investment would be $10,000.

If you write the article content yourself or improve the cost per article, your investment could be considerably less.

$10,000 Investment

20 Articles Per Month, Published Months 1 – 10 $10,000 Investment

End of Year 2

  • Asset Value: $30,000 – 30x multiple times monthly earnings (avg over last 6 months)
  • Life-to-date Revenue:  $9,060
  • Revenue in Month 24:  $1,370

$5,000 Investment

10 Articles Per Month, Published Months 1 – 10 $5,000 Investment

End of Year 2

  • Asset Value: $15,000 – 30x multiple times monthly earnings (avg over last 6 months)
  • Life-to-date Revenue: $4,530
  • Revenue in Month 24:  $685

What's Included

Live Case Study

Sometimes theory just isn’t enough. The course walks through the step by step creation of a review website from scratch. You’ll get an over-the-shoulder look at both the process and the technical steps of creating a site using this live example. The case study website isn’t just a sample for education purposes, but a living

Professional Tools

You will receive copies of the templates and documents Jeff uses to run his own website portfolio including research and operational spreadsheets, training documents and guides for writers and more.

Commercial Software

The course includes a 6-month subscription to a premium SEO product (not affiliated with Website Investing Academy) that will allow you to achieve results not possible with free or low quality tools.

Ready-to-go Template

You will receive a WordPress site template preloaded with a theme and collection of plugins selected to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

9 Video Modules

The course content is divided into 9 sequential modules composed of videos that teach the concepts and demonstrate the how-to’s of each step in the system.

New Content

Things change rapidly in the online space. We continue to update and add new content and resources to the Review Website Masterclass as the online business environment evolves.

A Proven System

The secret sauce of any online business is two things. How to get visitors to a website and How to make money from those visitors. This course teaches Jeff’s step by step process for defining, launching, operating and scaling websites in a way that consistently attracts visitors and maximizes profit from those visitors.

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Masterclass Contents

Intro to the review website masterclass with jeff hunt


Module 1 sets the stage for the most effective mindset, motivation and success criteria for creating a successful review website. You will find out why review websites are a valuable and evergreen service and be reminded of the earning potential of product review businesses.

You will learn:

  • Why review websites are not a fad.
  • The process you will follow to create a review website.
  • How sites generate monthly cashflow and grow in asset value over time.
  • An overview of what to expect in the course and what benefits you can get out of your review website.
  • What you can expect to earn from your website.
  • How much review websites are currently selling for with live examples.
  • The timeline for earnings growth.

You will review an example investment scenario and learn how to project the required investment and potential ROI based on content quantity and publishing schedule.

Niche Selection

The second module in the course is designed to help you choose a profitable niche for your website. You will discover the criteria that will help you select a niche and a systematic process for analyzing and researching the niche before making a final decision.

You will learn:

  • The criteria to select a niche that includes the right keywords, recognized brands and products, and your own personal interests.
  • Why the niche choice decision is critical.
  • The selection process that will help you choose your niche that includes which sites and tools to use to generate niche and product ideas.
  • How to use a keyword tool to research keywords that help you validate your niche.
  • The importance of competition in the keyword tool.
  • How to evaluate your niche from multiple angles to help you make your final decision.
  • How reviewing competitor websites, exploring affiliate commissions etc. will help you validate your niche.

Throughout the module, you will learn how to incorporate your personal interests and other website ideas into the niche selection process. You will be provided a template that will guide both your niche selection confirmation and the keyword research that will be the foundation for all the content on your website.

Keyword Research

Module 3 teaches a systematic process for researching high-potential keywords to populate articles and gives you an idea of what to expect during the entire search process. You’ll understand how this research process drives the structure and content of your website, and how well you do it will determine your traffic and income.

You will learn:

  • Which keywords have a high probability of getting traffic from Google
  • A step by step process for discovering the right keywords
  • How to use the premium keyword research tool provided with the course
  • How to evaluate keyword search volume
  • The right mix of review and informational articles in your niche and what purpose they serve as well as how they can benefit your site.
  • The benefits of writing informational articles.
  • How to determine which keywords will generate a higher click-through-rate and more sales

You will be guided through the use of tools and templates that let you capture and categorize your keywords. You will learn how to transform your keyword research into a tool that manages writing assignments for freelancers.

Domain Name Selection

This module will teach you the criteria and logic behind selecting an effective domain name.  It employs the use of a few research tools that will help you with the selection process.

You will learn:

  • Whether a domain name should be broad or narrow.
  • Which names not to use.
  • How to find out which names are available and which ones are taken.
  • Where to find creative domain names.
  • Which research tools to use to choose your domain name and how to use them.
  • How to use a research tool to generate sample names for your domain.

The module includes examples of good domain names and a  discussion on what makes them good as well as tips to follow when you are choosing your domain name.

Review Article Content and Structure

The fifth module in the course teaches the process for creating content that naturally ranks in the search engines and prompts user behaviors that make you money. You’ll learn the structural components that need to be present in different types of review articles.

You will learn:

  • The key features of a perfect review article.
  • How to write a review article that adequately caters to different audiences’ needs and expectations.
  • The types of review articles, their purpose and success factors for each.
  • How good is good enough as far as content quality goes.
  • Guidelines for content length and formatting.

You will review several sample articles to help you visualize the target end product. You’ll also receive guidance on the how-to’s of producing the content.

Hiring and Managing Writers

This module prepares you to effectively, find, evaluate, hire and train content writers for your website. It provides specific guidance on sources for writers and tools to use in the recruiting and management process.

You will learn:

  • Where to find writers.
  • What you should include in your job posting along with a template for the job post.
  • The selection criteria that are most important.
  • How much to pay writers and on the structure of their compensation.
  • What you need to do before you hire.
  • How to prepare writers so that both you and they will be successful.
  • Writer training material templates.
  • What to do after you hire your writer. Includes a sample of a writing assignment and everything you’ll need to give the writer so they can get started.


image of a google analytics traffic chart in the review website masterclass

Site Configuration

Module seven provides an over-the-shoulder tutorial of the steps required to setup and configure your review website. It covers the installation of WordPress components including theme, plugins and tracking that are required before you start adding content to your website.

You will learn:

  • How to set up Google analytics.
  • How to select and install a theme.
  • The plugins that you’ll need for your review site.
  • How to configure each plugin.
  • Setting up affiliate accounts.
  • Setting up affiliate linking software.
  • Other odds and ends to optimize your website.

The module includes a list of recommended sources to help with the process of installing plugins, setting up access ID keys and Amazon product API, creating affiliate links and so much more.

Site Structure and Pages

Module 8’s key focus is website structure. You will learn which pages are needed and see how to setup each of them. You will understand the theory of website content structure for SEO and user experience purposes.

You will learn:

  • The effective site navigation setup.
  • Article silo-ing.
  • Details of Home Page arrangement and structure. (Includes examples of different Home Pages for inspiration).
  • Use of personas for your site and brand.
  • The required pages to be built and what to put on them.
  • Creation of non-review pages for additional profit.


This module focuses on the optimization of your website for traffic and profit. You will learn the tweaks that result in improving search result rankings. You’ll also see the highest priority areas for improving conversions.

You will learn:

  • The 3 key areas to focus on for traffic and financial optimization.
  • Tools for acquiring non-search engine traffic.
  • On page SEO priorities.
  • How to maximize click through rates on affiliate links.
  • How to maximize click through rates on search pages.
  • How to refocus content based on analysis of sales at the product level.
  • Using push notifications as a traffic source.
review website masterclass wordpress template


To help you get setup as quickly as possible, the course includes a WordPress template complete with a theme and all the recommended plugins for your review website. Much of the configuration is done for you.

This module takes you through the installation of the template.

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This Masterclass Is Led By

Jeff Hunt is an internet investor, website owner and Internet marketer. Over the last 10 years, Jeff has bought and sold over 300 income producing websites.

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Why is the affiliate business model the best for people new to online business?

If you are new to online business and want to build a business from scratch, we believe the affiliate model is the best place to start.

You can certainly make a go with other models like ecommerce, information publishing, software or digital products. The reasons why the affiliate model is better for entrepreneurs new to online business:

  • Easier to learn
  • Low initial capital investment
  • Easy to understand
  • Systematic and process oriented
  • No direct customer interaction
  • No technical skills required

Are there any shortcuts?

Yes, there are low-risk and high-risk methods to increase traffic and sales. The approach we take is conservative, with the aim of building a sustainable, high-quality business. However, there is always a risk-reward balance so we also teach more aggressive systems.

How much time do I need to invest in the business?

First: You’ll need to spend more time in the beginning to educate yourself and get the website setup. You can spend any amount of time you want to devote to it, but generally:

The more time you invest, the faster you will succeed.

After it is up and running the main task is adding content. It only takes an hour or two per week to publish a significant amount of content.

To scale quickly, we teach you how to outsource writing. Your role will be to manage writers to your standards. The writer management and publishing task can also be delegated.

The reality is that most entrepreneurs spend more than a couple of hours per week because they see the traffic and sales growing, and then dive in to accelerate the growth.

How much can I make?

Affiliate websites 1.5 to 3 years old regularly sell for $20000 to $150000. It varies considerably from niche to niche and is dependent on a lot of internal and external factors like the amount and quantity of content published and the competition in the niche.

How long until I start making money?

The first sales will trickle in after four to six months and then grow quickly from there.

The Review Website Masterclass teaches you how to build a business that both generates cashflow and appreciates in asset value. This takes time.

If you want more immediate cashflow from websites and have capital to invest, consider the Website Investing Masterclass.

Who processes my credit card payment?

We use a payment processor called Stripe, and the payment will appear as WEBSITE INVESTING ACADEMY or WIA on your statement. Your card details are never stored on our servers.

Does the course come with a guarantee?

Yes. All Website Investing Academy courses come with an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee.  If, within 30 days, you’re not happy for ay reason, just ask us for a full refund.

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