The Evaluate module enabled you to qualify a good opportunity. The Acquire stage of the LEAP system takes you through the process and requirements needed to negotiate and purchase the business. You will learn

  • The steps and key points of the acquisition process.
  • The dynamics of an auction- Learn the dos and don’ts to help protect you and ensure you don’t get scammed in addition to helping you stay ahead of other people bidding on the websites.
  • The process of buying a website.
  • The process of a sale and all the steps involved.
  • The steps involved in the escrow process.
  • Different types of Escrow deals.
  • The Letter of Intent and its structure.
  • The Asset Purchase Agreement and its structure.
  • Other contracts involved in the sale
  • The importance of getting assistance on website deals.
  • The steps involved in transferring the website from the seller to the buyer.
  • Selling your website- how to prepare to sell your website.
  • Business operations- how to keep your website under control
  • The difference between being an owner and an operator.

The module also includes a list of recommended tools and experts you can turn to assist you in securing a website deal as well as a discussion on the importance of post-sale support and training.

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