Intro to the review website masterclass with jeff hunt


Module 1 sets the stage for the most effective mindset, motivation and success criteria for creating a successful review website. You will find out why review websites are a valuable and evergreen service and be reminded of the earning potential of product review businesses.

You will learn:

  • Why review websites are not a fad.
  • The process you will follow to create a review website.
  • How sites generate monthly cashflow and grow in asset value over time.
  • An overview of what to expect in the course and what benefits you can get out of your review website.
  • What you can expect to earn from your website.
  • How much review websites are currently selling for with live examples.
  • The timeline for earnings growth.

You will review an example investment scenario and learn how to project the required investment and potential ROI based on content quantity and publishing schedule.

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