Keyword Research

Module 3 teaches a systematic process for researching high-potential keywords to populate articles and gives you an idea of what to expect during the entire search process. You’ll understand how this research process drives the structure and content of your website, and how well you do it will determine your traffic and income.

You will learn:

  • Which keywords have a high probability of getting traffic from Google
  • A step by step process for discovering the right keywords
  • How to use the premium keyword research tool provided with the course
  • How to evaluate keyword search volume
  • The right mix of review and informational articles in your niche and what purpose they serve as well as how they can benefit your site.
  • The benefits of writing informational articles.
  • How to determine which keywords will generate a higher click-through-rate and more sales

You will be guided through the use of tools and templates that let you capture and categorize your keywords. You will learn how to transform your keyword research into a tool that manages writing assignments for freelancers.

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