This module is separated into 5 individual parts and explores the Location part of the LEAP system in great detail. You will start by analyzing the best sources to purchase websites and by the end of the module, you should be confident enough to pick out suitable available websites using enhanced tools to refine your search. You will learn:

  • Good sources to find good deals for websites and how best to approach each one.
  • Everything you need to know about Flippa.com including what it has to offer, how it has improved as a platform and the advantages and disadvantages of marketplaces.
  • The benefit of using a website broker and the situations when brokers are best.
  • How to setup brokerage and website marketplace accounts, as well as the recommended accounts to create.
  • How to effectively sort through the many website buying opportunities to identify the correct ones to pursue.
  • Answers to the most common questions that people who are new to website investing ask.

The module includes a recommended list of brokers that you are encouraged to explore as well as the opportunity to examine private deals and the strategies you can use to secure them. An assignment to set up a Flippa.com account and set up automated searches and brokerage accounts is also included.

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